I have learnt to allow God to let things happen - Kedebone

By Molife Kumona
11 July 2016

DRUM caught up with Kedebone to talk about her new Rise FM show 'Mid Morningz with Miss K', marriage, children, God, the youth and being a video vixen.

Radio and television personality Kedebone Mkhabela seems to have been out of the entertainment industry for a while.

With the exception of her job as host for the recently ended SABC 1 Sunday Chillaz, we pretty much haven't seen her for what seems like a long time.

So, tell us about your new show on Rise FM.

I am about a week into the show, and am very excited about it. It's a show about everything that has to do with lifestyle - a very easy going show. People are already starting to love 'Mid Morningz with Miss K'.

We haven't seen you on our screens in a while, what has been happening with you? You know there is a perception that when you are not in our faces you are 'down and out'. Is  this the case for you?

I have been working on motivational talks, events and focusing on music through my company Tesive Group. I have been in entertainment for 16 years, and I have been looking at the business side over the past couple of years. I am also currently producing a Swati drama through my company. I can't say much about that, but it's coming soon.

We haven't seen or heard you speaking about kids or a bae, what's happening in your personal life?

Well, the kids and husband haven't happened yet. That will happen when God says it's time. I have learnt to allow God to let things happen in the right time, and I know when the time is right I will have my husband and kids.

Five things people would be surprised to know about you?

  • I am very crazy when I am alone. I usually take out my phone and just record crazy videos when I am alone. Of course no-one will get to see those videos, coz that crazy is reserved for me alone.
  • I am very passionate about the youth. I believe empowering and motivating the youth is a crucial thing - we are here because the way was paved for us. I do work with youth so that we also get to empower them as well.
  • My dream is to be a video vixen in a TKzee music video. That has been my dream for the longest time. I hope they get together while I am still young and hot so that they can have me as their vixen.
  • I love travelling and this year my province of exploration is Mpumalanga. I intend on seeing everything there is to see there.
  • I am in love with Beyonce's 'Sorry'; it resonates with me so much because I have gotten to a point in my life where I am not sorry or apologetic about anything in it.

Kede, thank you for your time.

Most welcome. Looking forward to seeing this!

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