‘I haven’t left Kalawa’ - Candy

By Drum Digital
14 March 2017

She has been in the entertainment industry for over three decades, yet her star seems to keep growing. DRUM caught up with musician and TV personality Candy “Tsa Mandebele” Mokoena to talk about love, music, her new talk show and those rumours about leaving Kalawa.

Let’s start by just setting the record straight. There are reports that you have left Kalawa Jazmee Records? Is that true?

“There’s no truth to the reports or rumours. I am still with Kalawa. Kalwa Jazmee made me. People are saying I left the label and I’m down and out but that is not true. It’s my home and they made me who I am.”

You have a show on GauTV, what is it all about?

“Well, my show is Artist Rundown, which airs on Friday evenings. It’s mostly about profiling artists. Any kind of artist out there, even make-up artists to emcees. I look closely at their humble beginnings.”

Tell us more about your music and latest album.

“My music can be classified as traditional and indigenous afro soul. It is vocally deep, and it’s about languages because I can speak eight. My latest album is Easy Come, Easy Go. It talks about Candy from the age of 12 and anyone can relate to it.”

What did you want to be growing up?

“I’ve always love being an artist, at some point I thought I’d become an interior designer because my childhood bedroom had my personality. Again I thought of becoming an athlete because of school. But hey, God always has plans for us. And I entertained my family because we lived without television and radio.”

Did you succeed in tracking your father down?

“It’s a sensitive topic and makes me feel emotional. I’ve given up looking because I thought it was about time I give my mother some respect and leave it in the past. So I don’t bring it up anymore. There are more people who need me, more than I need my father, and I’ve come a long way with just my mother, who is 87.”

Are you currently in love?

“Yes. It’s with someone special and very close to my heart. We’ve been strong since 2007. We will get married but I’m current focusing on my career. All in good time.”

What are your future plans?

“Right now I’m working on recording a live DVD for my album and the release of my book title Easy Come, Easy Go. Lesley Mofokeng is the writer of the book. Also, I want to work on my clothing brand, the Candy Brand. There are t-shirts and tracksuits.”

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