"I love you! Always have and ALWAYS will!" - Unathi to Gareth Cliff

By Drum Digital
15 November 2016

Television and radio personality Unathi Msengana shared an adorable snap of herself and fellow Idols judge, Gareth Cliff, coupled with a cute caption

By now everyone should know that Gareth is leaving Idols after 11 seasons on the show, and so, to bid her good friend farewell prior to his departure, Unathi took to social media to share this adorable picture with Gareth.

The caption reads: "I say to him 'Babey come site here and take a pic! Phela this could have been our wedding day with uMswenko wakho nam' he says 'Aaaah thanks Unaths' as he's always called me! I love you! Always have and ALWAYS will! I love you TLIFF!!!!!"

Image: Unathi Msengana Instagram Image: Unathi Msengana Instagram

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