'I miss him everyday'

By Drum Digital
20 November 2015

Savita Mbuli, widow of the late Vuyo Mbuli, talks to us exclusively about how she's coping without him by focusing on their children

Few can disagree that she's been to hell and back. She's been called all sorts of names ever since her estranged husband died, but the one that must have hurt the most was being called a "disrespectful widow".

The media had a field day about how she was spending too much time on social networks instead of properly mourning her husband, and how she was allegedly fighting with his family.

But in spite of the media frenzy, Savita Mbuli has been secretly mourning and honouring her late husband, TV personality Vuyo Mbuli, in the best way she knows.

We exclusively captured Savita visiting Vuyo's resting place in Johannesburg's West Park Cemetery, where she was seen cleaning and laying flowers on his grave.

Read more in the 26 November DRUM issue.

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