'I thought Flabba was beating her up' - witness

By Drum Digital
07 September 2015

The cousin of hip-hop star Nkululeko "Flabba" Habedi thought the rapper had struck girlfriend and murder-accused Sindisiwe Manqele when she came running out of his room in hysterics

, a Johannesburg court heard on Monday.

Habedi's cousin Luyanda Sulupha, who lived at No 78 3rd Avenue in Alexandra with Habedi and two others, told the court he heard Habedi and Manqele arguing for around 30 minutes around 01:00.

"I further heard the accused [Manqele] talking to the deceased [Habedi], saying no one must tell who to do what because [Manqele] pays her own bills, so the deceased can't tell her what to do and what not to do," Sulupha told the court.

Manqele is accused of stabbing and killing Habedi in his home in the early hours of March 9 this year. The matter is being heard at the High Court in Johannesburg, sitting at the Randburg Magistrate's Court.

Sulupha said he heard Manqele naming Habedi's ex-girlfriends, as their argument continued.

"Then they were arguing, arguing, arguing and then I heard the deceased [Habedi] tell the accused she can leave," he said.

Later, having left his room and hearing the argument continue, Sulupha was near Habedi's door when Manqele came running out of the room.

"[Manqele] saw me and screamed my name out and said I must help her," Sulupha told the court.

"She was screaming and crying and screaming for help. I assumed the deceased was probably beating her up. Then I put the accused [Manqele] on my right to see what's going to happen, probably the deceased [Habedi] would come out, but the deceased never came out.

"I asked 'What must I help you with?' and the accused said 'I stabbed your brother by mistake'. I walked in and found [Habedi] lying on the floor."

The trial continues.

Source: News24

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