I want to marry him

By Drum Digital
11 November 2015

I’m 18 and have a baby with a guy who’s 22. I want him to marry me. How do I make him see that I want this?


Sis Dolly answers:

Why do you want him to marry you? Are you still together or do you think you should get together because of the baby? Does he have a job or is he still studying? Have you finished school or not? If you’re still with this boy, I suggest you talk to him about your future. The first step is to decide what it is you want for your future ahead of you. What are your plans for growing and developing yourself and for taking care of your child?

When you’ve answered these questions, then have that talk about your future together. Check if you think you’re still going to be together and what his short-term and long-term plans are for your relationship and your child. His response to this discussion will give you a sense of whether your desire to get married has any chance of success.

Remember to spend the most time thinking about how to grow and develop yourself for a better future.

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