I worry my parents won’t accept him

By Drum Digital
06 November 2015

I met my boyfriend at varsity three years ago. He’s originally from Ghana and things are great between us. We want to get married, but I am nervous about introducing him to my parents who are narrow-minded. How do I approach my parents?


Sis Dolly answers:

In my experience, people eventually come around when they meet and engage with other people they may have been prejudiced about. If your parents are indeed very narrow-minded, then you may meet some resistance when you tell them about your boyfriend, so be prepared for that possibility.

Your story and his intentions need to be clear. Have a plan on how you’ll approach your folks. For example, ask them how they would expect to be approached when someone is ready to marry you. Then make sure you and your boyfriend’s approach matches that to perfection.

You might need to discuss some of it before you eventually bring your boyfriend to meet your family. The only way to approach this is to do it. Be direct: Honestly always works best.

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