Idols SA Lize exit interview

By Drum Digital
16 November 2014

I am surprised as to how far I went- Lize

How are you feeling?

I'm feeling happy,I'm surprised at how happy I am. I'm feeling very content with my results.

What will you miss the most about idols?

The routine,the importance of what we have to do and the people.

Do you think your fans failed?

No, I'm incredibly surprised at how far I've come in this competition, considering talent and politics.

Where to from here?

I think for the rest of the year I'm just gonna have a break. I have a few gigs lined up but they aren't massive just a few weddings and birthdays .

What would you like to say to your fans?

I wanna say thank you but it's really not enough because I mean people spend so much time,effort and money on me for something that doesn't even benefit them. They are making other people's dreams come true, I don't think they realise the impact they have on the people in this competition.

By Boipelo Moseneke

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