Idris Elba: 'I'm influencing street trends'

By Drum Digital
04 January 2016

Idris Elba finds it surreal that he is influencing fashion.

The British actor boasts an impressive acting résumé, but recently he's added another profession to the list. Working with Brit label Superdry, Idris has launched himself as a designer with a 250-piece collection.

"I am a very proud man; it’s been a long time coming," he beamed to "It’s such a surreal feeling for me, being able to influence fashion."

The collection may sound like a big one, but Idris made sure he was hands on throughout. The sports luxe looks include fur trimmed hoods on jackets, sweat pants, bomber jackets and more.

Despite literally putting his name to the collection (including a grey sweater with his I E initials stitched on), Idris says it was more than just a celebrity collaboration.

"The thing about Superdry is that they weren’t interested in me just being an endorsement, wearing their jackets and getting a cheque," he explained. "Right off the back, the conversation was this: 'Look, Idris, we like your style. Would you like to work with our designers to create a line of your own, under our brand?' That’s the sort of thing that dreams are made of! They really wanted a collaborative effort and I wasn’t interested in being just a model."

Style has always been important to the Luther star, and Superdry bosses were happy to hear all about his fashion ideas.

"We talked about influences, and looked at my wardrobe and the things that I wear," he said. "Styling was important - you know, how I put pieces together. Growing up in East London, I was very particular." © Cover Media

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