If it wasn't for Abdul, I would have died - SK

By Khosi Biyela
27 July 2016

Actors Abdul and SK Khoza are brothers and they have a great bond, not only due to the work they do but also based on the fact that growing up they were inseparable.

With being inseparable also came mischief as they were growing up. One of their mischievous incidents almost left SK dead.

Speaking to DRUM, SK reveals what happened: "One day we discovered a tunnel and decided to explore it. We got trapped and struggled to breathe."

SK says he feared for his life and as always his brother rescued the situation. "If it wasn't for him maybe I would have died," SK about the incident.

Read more about the brothers upbringing, money problems and dealing with fame in the 04 August issue of DRUM on shelves from tomorrow.

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