If Riky wants to leave he knows what he needs to do- Mabala Noise

By Drum Digital
14 March 2017

There is a contract in place- Mabala Noise

Mabala Noise has said that even though rapper Riky Rick announced his decision to leave using social media instead of speaking to them directly, if he wants to leave they will allow him to go.

"We will not stand in his way but he has to discuss it with us. There is a contract in place and we need to discuss the terms of it and see how we can accommodate both parties. If Riky wants to leave he knows what he needs to do," Mhlo Gumede Mabala Noise Head of Communication told TshisaLive.

Riky signed with Mabala Noise in July 2016 and Mhlo has confirmed that it was a three year contract. Even though there are speculations that Riky signed a R12 million contract Mabala has stayed mum on that matter.

The Sidlukotini rapper announced that he was leaving Mabala Noise on Monday on his Twitter account.

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