"If there is a plan to give the kids free education... what are we waiting for?" - AKA

By Drum Digital
05 October 2016

Rapper AKA has weighed in on the #FeesMustFall debacle.

Rapper AKA has weighed in on the #FeesMustFall debacle. Taking to social media, AKA made it clear that he is now on board with the #FeesMustFall movement, stating that no matter what government does, the protesters will only get stronger and they won't stop until education is free. "I hope the powers that be realize that these kids will never ever ever give up. Teargas, rubber bullets etc will only make them stronger," he tweeted.

The rapper went on to say that the leaders of the country should know whether or not free education is possible and sustainable or not, implying that if it's possible, then they should stop dragging their feet and make it happen. Kiernan Forbes is even ready and willing to help fight the struggle if the #FeesMustFall movement needs him.

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