'If you consider yourself a legend, you have an ego problem' - Hugh Masekela

By Drum Digital
04 November 2016

77 looks good on South Africa’s legendary musician and treasurer of our countries heritage, Hugh Masekela.

Despite being this prime age, he’s not slowing down and is lining up to release an album, his second book, a documentary and a couple of performances.

He’s been called a legend several times, but the name doesn’t faze him.

“I hate the word ‘legend’, I’ve been trying to kill that word but it seems to follow me around,” he said. “If you consider yourself a legend, you have an ego problem and that ego is what will kill you.”

DRUM caught up with the star to find out what else is happening in his life, and what’s on his mind these days.

His Hertiage Festival is scheduled for Saturday 5th November and will be headlined by artists Ringo Madlingozi, Phuzikhemisi, Good Luck and Moonchild.

He says his gripe with weaves that has been well publicised in the news actually stems from his own childhood where his mother  was told by mixed raced family members that he had “bad” hair.

“They were half-white so their hair was flowing. Sometimes I would hear some relatives say: ‘Oh Paulina. Your child has bad hair”.

Masekela said it didn't make sense to him why black women would wear someone else’s hair on their heads because whites and Indians wouldn’t do the same.

“We are the only ones who think being anything other than African is better,” he said. “From our hair, clothes and lifestyle, we continue to be exploited and prefer their stuff instead of ours.”

Bra Hugh has a lot on his mind and he is a wealth knowledge and opinion.

Find out what more he has to say in the 10 November issue of Drum

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