"I'm leaving you something, my queen" - Mandoza to Mshoza

By Drum Digital
25 November 2016

Mshoza speaks about Mandoza's final gift to her before he died

During a recent interview with TshisaLIVE, Mshoza revealed the details regarding one of her final conversations with Mandoza and speaks about the gift he left her. "I shouted at him because he called me and said: 'I'm leaving you something, my queen. I just put a verse on your song. I'm leaving you something big, I hope you use it wisely'. I shouted at him. I said: 'You're leaving? Where to?' I swore at him because I thought he was joking,"

"I asked him for the last time where he was going to? Is he moving out? Where was he was travelling to? They even made Mshoza T-shirts for the event but I told him that I would not be coming and I would see him on Monday at the studio. He tried to convince me but I didn't go," Mshoza said.

"The person I was closest to in the industry, after Lebo Mathosa died, was Mandoza. He was a man so we couldn't be that close but we spoke often and were close. I was so shocked and heartbroken when I heard (that he had died). We looked after each other," she said.

"I believe now that people can see when they are about to go. He knew it," Mshoza said.

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