I'm not arrogant- Nasty C

By Drum Digital
03 July 2017

Nasty C says he knows how much work he had put in

Award winning SA rapper Nasty C says as much as some people think he is arrogant, he really is not. Nasty C explains that is just him being confident and sure of himself.

"I'm just very confident. And no, that doesn't mean I 'shade' other people or think that I'm better than anyone else in the music industry," Nasty C told True Love Magazine.

He added that the confidence he has comes from the fact that he knows how hard he has and continues to work on his music.

"I know my craft and how much work I've put into it. I know how much it has changed my life," he added.

Nasty C's sophomore album Bad Hair is hailed as one of the best hip hop albums to come out of Mzansi.

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