I'm still Christian - Boity

By Drum Digital
21 June 2016

Actress and TV presenter Boity Thulo announced her graduation from her sangoma training over the weekend.

Actress and TV presenter Boity Thulo confirmed that she is a sangoma and has graduated on her Instagram this past weekend.

Boity says her being a traditional healer will not affect her Christian beliefs. Speaking to the Sowetan, Boity  said; "I do go to church and pray to God. My traditional healing is personal to me and its between me and my family."

Boity revealed that her  sangoma name is Kgosigadi Dabulamanzi. "I consider myself to be a queen, hence Kgosigadi and Dabulamanzi is my traditional name as a healer," she told Sowetan.

She said that her training took 5 months to complete at the village of  Berseba in the North West and that her mentor sent her to the village.

"I was ready. I knew there would be three reactions, they would be very happy for me or confused and disappointed. But that doesn't faze me, because I'm speaking out expecting nothing. It's for my sanity and to stop speculation and being asked about this over and over again".

Source: Sowetan

Picture: Instagram

Source: Sowetan

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