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By Drum Digital
11 November 2011

FUNKY hairstyles, killer dance moves and tracks that make every four year- old break into song. That was Boom Shaka, the “it” band of the newly democratic South Africa that captured the mood of the time and set stadiums alight the moment they stepped on stage.

They were trendsetters of note but it wasn’t just the big attitudes and hairdos that set them apart – millions of fans were drawn to their music because thesetalented singers struck a chord. Who can forget the way they wowed crowds with their feverish dance routines? But most important, who can forget lead singer Lebo Mathosa’s feisty attitude and vocal talent?

Now, exactly five years after her untimely death, we join the rest of the band to talk about her legacy and look back at just what it was that made Boom Shakaone of South Africa’s  supergroups – a band that put young urban South African music on the map.

ONLY a select few were lucky enough to see the band make a brief and jubilant comeback recently to honour DRUM magazine at our 60th birthday celebrations. Chills ran up and down the spines of audience members as Boom Shaka came on stage with that familiar indomitable attitude and sang timeless tracks such as Thobela, It’s about Time and Gcwala.

While they’ve all been exploring their own career paths for some years, what brings them back together

is the love they share for their dear friend, Lebo, who was killed in a car accident on 23 October 2006. “When we performed at the DRUM 60th party it felt as if Lebo was there with us,” says singer-actress Thembi

Seete, looking fondly at the two remaining members of the band.

Catch up with Boom Shaka as they reminisce about Lebo Mathosa and  , 17 November 2011.

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