In her own words- Katlego Danke

By Drum Digital
20 March 2015

Don’t get into the industry because you want to be famous- Katlego

Former Generations actress Katlego Danke was among the 16 fired by show creator Mfundi Vundla in August 2014. Even though she didn't expect the firing and she was heavily pregnant, she says she is doing just fine. DRUM caught up with her. Here is Katlego in her own words;

I am content with where I am right now. I’m where I should be, at the time I should be.

I just had my first child being a mom is a blessing and it challenges you to become a better version of you.

Even though I don't work with the other 15 actors we are still close. We are even closer than before because of the recent circumstances. We are like family now and they've become the people that you can speak to about your challenges.

In terms of acting I will comeback. Even if it takes me five years. I am not an actress only because I was on Generations, I’m an actress because it is who I am.

I have interest in working behind the scenes as either a producer, or a director.

For anyone wanting to get in this industry my advice is, don’t get into the industry because you want to be famous: do it because you love it.

FULL story and shoot first done in DRUM issue 5 March 2015.

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