In her own words: Kelly Khumalo

By Drum Digital
13 May 2015

I am too honest-Kelly Khumalo

Afro pop star Kelly Khumalo has opened up about herself over the past couple of years. She has been brutally honest about many things, some flattering, others not.

Here is the star in her own words. (Quotes taken from her various interviews over the years).

On being perfect: 'I am not perfect. Never have been, never will be.'

Her life's journey: 'Many people say 'Kelly this or Kelly that'. I have learned that my life is my journey. People should let me figure it out on my own.'

On her mega hit Asine: 'I eat, talk and breathe Asine. It's success has overwhelmed me.'

Motherhood: 'I love being a mom. Christian and Thingo make my life such a bliss. I don't raise them alone though, my mother and mys sister are my pillars of support.'

On her sister Zandi: 'I love my sister so much. A lot of people don't understand it but she is my rock. I look as good as I do because of my sister. She is my friend, sister and biggest supporter.'

What music has done for her: 'Music is my life. Music is who I am. I think music has always saved me, in any situation. I’m from a Christian background and I started singing at Sunday School. Singing has become my everything.'

On Bhaka: 'I will not entertain an idiotic media junkie at my expense.'

On loving and losing Senzo Meyiwa (He died in a robbery at Kelly's mother's home): 'I loved Senzo. All I saw was so much love. The kind of love that makes you teary because in your little corner, in your own home you don’t grasp or understand how much you are loved and it is only now that I saw so much love. I am humbled and I will never get over this.'

On being herself: 'I’m too honest, I am the kind of person who is very honest to herself and the world and sometimes people find it intimidating.'

Source: DRUM TV, DRUM Archives, Sowetan, Okmzansi

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