In her own words, Sophie Ndaba

By Drum Digital
27 March 2015

I still believe in love- Sophie.

Actress, business woman and now Miss South Africa judge Sophie Ndaba is embarking on the film making route. She has just started a production company called Tegasys media. DRUM caught up with her to find out more;

Has your leaving Generations set you back?

Not at all. In fact I now have time to focus on other things like my events company and Tegasys the production company I started with some business partners.

So do you have any new projects coming up from your company?

There are a few things in the pipeline but will speak more about them when its all up and running. For me acting wise this year is a breather year. I am taking it easy.

Last time we heard you were single. Whats happening in that area of your life? 

I am still looking honey. I am still single.

No suitors or...

Dating is a project, a full time one for that matter. I am still a believer of happily ever after though so I will stay on it. I know one day I will meet my soul mate. It just hasn't happened yet.

Are you putting yourself out there?

Yes I am. I go on dates often to see what's there and whose there. You never know where you will find your prince charming.

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