In his own words: Hlomla Dandala

By Drum Digital
12 May 2015

I am a home boy, and I enjoy spending time with my kids- Hlomla

Actor, director and producer Hlomla Dandala has been part of South Africa's film making for over a decade now. DRUM helps you to know Hlomla a bit better in his own words;

On his character Gomorrah in Rockville. "I rarely play the bad guy, but I chose to pay this role for the fun of it."

On why thugs like his Rockville character are liked in society: "I do not know, we love their flashy ways. They do things we could never imagine doing ourselves. At heart we are only moral in so far as it serves our purpose. We marvel at people ho flout the morals we hold dear."

Dandala's take on 'If women are too willing to give themselves to undeserving men, just because the men have money and power': Yes, I find more and more ladies will willingly hand over personal power for a flashy car and a big house. We learn materialism from our parents: they will ask you questions like, what does he do? Where does he live?"

Rockville sex scene with Terry Pheto: "It was awkward doing the sex scene with her. It was awkward because she's become like family to me. Although it was weird, there was also cofort because it's someone I know."

Lady fans:  With a smile," A lady on twitter suggested we get married. I know I like to engage on Twitter but she started getting too familiar and it became awkward. I received 40 messages from her. It was scary and in the end I blocked her."

The don't-mess-with-me look: I do have the don't-mess-with-me look, so people don't really do crazy things. I am a home boy, and I enjoy spending time with my kids. I'm not at all over the place."

Being a sex symbol: "It is flattering but it ends there."

He publicly express his love for his family:



When people question the size of his family, he replies: hlomlaReply Dandala is now venturing into other and bigger roles. "Check it out. The trailer to a movie I was involved with" 

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