IN PICTURES: SA stars pour out their hearts in beautiful tributes to their moms

By Drum Digital
12 May 2017

They provide words of comfort when life's adversaries get us down but are quick to rein us in when we've stepped out of line; they celebrate our triumphs and share in our distress.

There are few things in the world as precious as a mother's love.

These celebrities share what their mother's mean to them - and their tributes are sure to melt your heart!

Twins Andrew and Brian Chaplin from Locnville


“My mom played a vital role in instilling the confidence in me that one needs in this life. I don't often get to see her in person these days, but we talk regularly. She is a wise and worldly person and she loves sharks!” -- Andrew

“My mum is an amazing woman. She formed an integral part of my childhood. Since she moved back to the States in 2001, I don't see her often but we still manage to catch up every now and then. She’s a lot of fun! I wish my mother and all the mothers out there a fantastic Mother’s Day.” -- Brian

Quinne Brown, actress

quinne and mom

“My mom (Salome Gooding) is one of the most present people in my life. She’s the one that I can always count on. Her guidance and unconditional love are real for me. Today she is one of my best friends, a mentor and inspiration.

Time is how we celebrate.

After being far apart for 10 years with quality visits occasionally, makes us appreciate her. Having her so close every day and being able to spend so much time with her is a celebration.”

Jade Hübner, TV presenter, model and actress

Jade and Mom_2017

“My mother is first my mother and forever my friend. She is a selfless woman who puts not just her kids’ happiness first but everyone else’s as well.

She encourages me to be a better person; kind and independent like herself. Love and loyalty are two perfect words to describe who she is and what she means to me.”

Aqeelah Harron Ally, fashion blogger

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"My mom is the coolest. She is very much with the times, which is often super funny! I love that she is always happy, generous, helpful and forgiving.

Growing up, I could tell her absolutely anything and she would never judge me - this was one of the strongest foundations in my life."

Popcorn, Chihuahua and Instagram star

theodora lee and popcorn

“Happy Mother's Day to my mommy who loves to cuddle me – sometimes a little too much! Thanks for playing with me and taking me to my favourite place, the beach. I love you, even if I sometimes run away from you when you're trying to Instagram me. Lots of licks, Popcorn.”

Mimi Mahlasela, actress

mimi and mom

"In my eyes, my mom (Nonhlanhla Sisi Mahode) is the best mother in the world! She's taught me to be a strong woman. She's raised me with the mentality that I must try my best in all that I do and never give up no matter the circumstances.

I don't only show her my appreciation on Mother's Day but I try to tell her as often as I can that I love her.”

Chad Saaiman, singer and songwriter


"My mom is the true rockstar of the Saaiman family, and also one of my greatest supporters. She believed in me before I believed in myself, and taught me many amazing life (and style) lessons. I value her opinion, and love and respect her always."

Lee Ann Liebenberg, model

lee ann lieb and mom

“My mother (Adrienne) is my life. She is the ‘fairy godmother’ you read about in the fairy tales growing up.

I get very emotional writing about how much I love her because words fail to describe the uttermost raw love I have for her. Not only has she been an incredible and supportive mom, she is also the most selfless, caring and loved-by-all person I know!

We used to see each other almost every day when we lived in Johannesburg but since I have moved to Cape Town, there is a huge void in my life. We try to fly up and down as often as we can to visit each other.

So now I speak to my mom twice, sometimes 3 (or 4) times a day. SHE IS MY BEST FRIEND! I believe she is my soulmate.

She has guided me my whole life and has always been there for me. I love that she always has the best advice and is my voice of reason. My mom is also the world's most loving grandmother to my daughters, Gia & Bella, who love and adore her immensely.

I have so much respect for my mother, I always have. And to this day I never want to disappoint her. She did an amazing job raising me and my brother Ryan and I try to mimic her parenting skills to raise my children to have self-respect for themselves, respect for others and to be kind and have compassion.

I owe all I am to my mother and I can only pray to be half the amazing mother she is.”

Katlego Maboe, singer, songwriter and television presenter

Katlego Maboe with mom Beauty Maboe

“She (Beauty Mampotse Maboe) means the world to me. She’s the shelter from life’s storms and the pillar of strength I lean on when all is a mess. She’s my bridge to God, the angel that guides me.”

Aisha Baker Parnell, award-winning fashion blogger

aisha and mom

“My mother is a really strong woman; she’s been through a lot but is able to be positive and motivating to all her kids and grandkids - not sure how she does it all!”

Zoe¨ Brown, radio host and TV presenter

Zoe Brown and Mom_2017

“My mom means the world to me. She's a special woman that leads by example and is completely dedicated to whatever she puts her mind to. I am forever grateful for what she has done for me and our family.”

Loyiso Bala, singer and songwriter


"If I had a choice on who should be a part of my life, my mother would definitely be on that list. She has been the greatest influence of my youth and a trusted friend in my adult life."

Zakeeya Patel, actress

zakeeya and mom

"She's the woman who taught me, by example, to celebrate myself without compromise. She is the sexiest woman I know and has no problem flaunting what her mama gave her! It’s a rare trait in today's society – to not apologise for how fabulous you are!"

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