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By Drum Digital
08 October 2010

IT STARTED with stolen looks while they were still at Stella Stars but after their boss is arrested for drug dealing and Pinky and Sgonondo find themselves at Tiger Boys, the simmering embers of attraction ignite into leaping flames of passion. But just as they start to explore their feelings, Pinky’s past comes back to haunt her...

Zone 14 fans have been enchanted by the romance blossoming between Pinky and Sgonondo after she lost the love of her life, Mfundisi, when he was shot dead trying to save her from being raped. But will the young woman be able to put her demons aside and open herself up to Sgonondo – or will her ordeal and the loss of Mfundisi hover over her like a dark cloud forever?It’s a question that keeps viewers coming back week after week – and the question we put to Andile Mxakaza (who plays Sgonondo) and Thuli Thabethe (Pinky) when they take time out of their demanding shooting schedule to spend some time with us.

There’s definitely a chance Pinky will find happiness, Thuli (25) believes. “She is attracted to him because he’s different from all the other guys she’s dated. She can see he doesn’t want to be with her just because she’s beautiful or because scoring with the team’s PR will help his career. He’s genuinely in love with her.”

Andile (32) nods. “The way Sgonondo treats women was shaped by his childhood,” he adds. “His mother was raped so he feels compelled to protect every woman he meets. Pinky’s vulnerability touches him, not just her beauty, and he wants to treat her like a queen.”

Being treated like a queen by a guy this gorgeous is a position many women would like to be in – and if the traffic on Andile’s Facebook site and MXit account is anything to go by, he’s a real hit with the ladies.

The actor is looking mighty fine when he arrives here today, that’s for sure. He’s wearing a pair of black jeans that show off his toned thighs and a purple top stretched across his taut torso and is flashing his sexy smile at anyone who looks his way.

Thuli is looking fantastic too. She’s lost all the baby weight she complained of after the birth of son Ruri (And baby makes three, 3 December 2009) and is radiant in dark jeans, a black cotton cardigan over a matching T-shirt and a stunning pair of black platform heels. Clearly she’s taking being a mom in her elegant stride.

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