Increased threats against magistrates: report

By Drum Digital
25 August 2013

Threats and attacks on magistrates are on the increase, apparently linked to cases they are hearing, the Sunday Times reported.

"Most of the magistrates are entitled to be placed under protection as and when a threat has been reported, assessed and confirmed," Justice department spokesman Solomon Mahlangu told the newspaper.

He said the department was aware of five magistrates attacked or threatened at their homes this year.

The Sunday Times detailed several incidents including a Western Cape magistrate who was stabbed by an intruder, another whose daughter was held at gunpoint while she was involved in a court matter involving children, and another who was burgled after testifying in a gang trial.

Nazeem Joemath, president of the Judicial Officers' Association of SA, said that magistrates' security should be a priority.

"It's unfortunate that this is not happening."


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