Inspiration Friday: Lindokuhle Mnisi

By Drum Digital
03 July 2015

Using his fate for inspiration.

Lindokuhle Mnisi draws inspiration and drive from his challenged background, where he witnessed abuse by his alcoholic father, poverty, love, hate and HIV.

The author of The Victim of Circumstances: Life of a Village Boy draws inspiration from his HIV-positive mother, who decided to leave an abusive relationship and give her family a better life.

However, things didn’t get better, instead, the family was forced to live in a mud house and ask neighbours for food. Lindokuhle’s brother had to leave school to find a job, to help with his studies, making Lindokuhle the first child in the family to finish school and graduate from university.

After years of suffering, Lindokuhle’s mother, Thulisile Rebecca Khumalo, followed suit and decided to empower herself by going back to school at the age of 37. She managed to graduate at the age of 48. She’s now a teacher at a local school in Mpumalanga.

Lindokuhle now works at eNews Channel Africa (eNCA) and owns his own company, Iphupho Consulting. The 23-year-old motivational speaker was also asked by DJ Sbu to speak at the Leadership 2020’s Sunday Circle.

“When you aim at nothing in life, you fall for anything. I advise young people, whether from rich parents or poor backgrounds, to understand that a dream is all you need to become a better you. Have a dream and work towards turning it into reality. It’s possible”, says Lindokuhle.

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