Introducing Afrotainment's first female artist: Floda

By Molife Kumona
27 May 2016

I am in no way mimicking or copying Nicki Minaj.

Afrotainment has its first female artist, her name is Floda and DRUM caught with her at the recent New Vibe launch in Durban.

So tell us who is Floda?

Floda is a 20 year old girl who was born and grew up in KwaMashu township in Durban.

What kind of genre do you sing?

I am a hip hop and R&B artist. I sing and rap. I am also a song writer, so anytime you see me singing something I wrote it.

So where can we hear your music? Do you have any music out?

Yes I have a single out on iTunes called R&B. Its my first offering to the public, I am excited about and hope people love it.

Earlier when we watched you perform you sounded almost like Nicki Minaj. Is she someone who inspires you musically?

Not really, I have sounded like the way I sing for a very long time. I have been making making music from the age of 12, so I don't think I sound like anyone but myself.

So if you would give yourself a title what would it be? 

I am an R&B soul artist who happens to rap as well.

At 20 one would expect you to be in varsity or college, so are you in school and juggling that with a music career?

No, I am just focusing on my career for now and will study further a little later in my life. For now the focus and energy is on the music.

What's your dream for yourself?

To make music that will have a global reach.

Things you would want people to know about you?

I am very girly and I think Floda is my alter ego because I am generally a very shy person. I am also a homebody, I love being at home with the family when I am not out performing. I am in love with music.

Floda, thank you for your time and all the best with your career.

Thank you! Looking forward to seeing my career grow and hope people love my music.

Floda's single R&B is available on iTunes and Apple Music, she also features on NaakMusic's new single Get With Me. 

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