iPhone thief sends 11 pages of numbers to owner

By Drum Digital
26 November 2013

Perhaps one of the worst parts of losing a phone is struggling to recover lost data and phone contacts.

A case of pickpocketing went viral in China after the phone thief returned the stolen phone's SIM card to the owner along with all the contacts handwritten on eleven pages.

The  thief, who stole iPhone during their shared taxi-ride, penned down 11 pages of telephone numbers and sent them to the phone's owner after receiving threats.

According to Chinese media, Zou Bin a pub owner's had almost 1000 contact numbers in the device and with no backup.

In an effort to get back his mobile, Bin sent a threatening text message to the thief, wherein he told him that he has links with dangerous gangsters and he can easily find him.

Soon, Bin received a parcel containing his SIM card and 11 pages of carefully handwritten contact numbers.

The thief has now been dubbed the conscience of the theft industry.

– Source ANI

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