Is he taking you for granted?

By Drum Digital
26 September 2014

To help avoid unnecessary arguments, here are a few clear indicators that the man you are with is taking you for granted and it’s not just your imagination or misinterpretation.

If you notice a few of these warning signs, it is time to have a serious talk with him – the talk will either open his eyes and help him change, or you will have to shut the door and end the relationship.

He doesn’t have enough time for you

If he has an excuse for every plan you try to make for the two of you and this is happening on a regular basis, something is wrong. Does he expect you to drop everything for him, though? Red flag!

He has lost his patience

Is he not taking your feelings into consideration, losing his temper quickly and making you feel bad about yourself? This is a definite sign that you are unappreciated.

He’s not afraid to lose you

He doesn’t care if other guys are hitting on you or checking you out. He doesn’t care who you are going out with and what you are doing. If he’s stopped being concerned about your whereabouts and well-being, something is certainly wrong with that picture.

He forgets the special events in your life

Whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary, or an important job interview, he should remember the things that matter most to you and if he’s forgetting these often he needs to be spoken to about that.

He doesn’t answer your questions

He shows full indifference to you when you ask him something, either walking away or changing the topic. When calling or texting, he never calls or texts you back, claiming he was really busy, or that it completely slipped his mind.

You FEEL unappreciated

Your feelings should be of great importance to him. If you feel used and disrespected by him most of the time, and it seems that no matter what you do, it is never good enough - there’s a problem.


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