Is he/she ready to meet your kids?

By Drum Digital
22 October 2014

Here are three questions to consider before you introduce your new partner to your kids:

How do you date when you've got kids?

1) How old are your kids and how do they feel about you dating?

2) How would they feel if things didn't work out with the new person and s/he went away?

3) How does your partner feel about being a part of the kids' lives?

Bringing your family into your new relationship is going to change it.

Your partner will see you in a new light. Watching you in “parent mode” is going to show a different side of you from when you're on a romantic date.

Your kids also will need support in figuring out what role this person will play in their lives. How often will s/he come around? Do they have to follow his/her instructions? Is s/he going to stay forever or will s/he be gone soon? Is this person going to take you away from them?

Just because you’re “getting serious” doesn’t mean this relationship will work out. You might change your mind 3 months from now.

Wait until you are in a committed relationship with this person and you’ve been seeing each other at least a year. It’s okay to tell your kids that you’re seeing someone, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to bring this person into their world just yet.

Ultimately, when it comes to single parent dating, timing, listening and being aware of the feelings of your kids and your partner are very important.


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