Is it over for Nandlpha and Ace?

By Drum Digital
18 August 2010

YOU can hear her laughter bubbling from several rooms away as she and her co-star share some downtime on a Friday morning. They’re obviously close friends and enjoy each other’s company...although there’s little of this light-hearted fun going down when they pull on their working clothes and hit their day jobs.

As Isidingo’s S’khumbuzo “Ace” Nzimande and Nandipha Matabane it’s more a case of steamy intrigue and love drama, with spellbound viewers wondering whether or not their romance will survive the latest scandal. After all, sex, lies and being in a videotape with a strange woman aren’t exactly the sort of things a woman would want to hear about her new man.No wonder Nandipha is so devastated when Ace betrays her trust. She’s had her heart broken so many times she really wanted to be careful with this relationship – but has she made a mistake by kicking him to the curb?

Yes, the soccer-player-turned-businessman did lie to her about sleeping with another woman on the day he and Nan officially became a couple. And, yes, he was accused of hitting the woman in the video. But, as any Isidingo fan will know, there’s more to the story than just that. So what will broken-hearted Nandipha do now – and can Ace regain her trust?

“He woos and wows her at every turn but her heart only truly melts when he starts to open up and is honest with her about his past,” says Hlubi Mboya, the sexy star who plays Nandipha. “What really destroyed her is that he wasn’t honest with her about being the guy in the sex tape.”

And Ace? After sharing intimate moments with Nandipha at Barker and Kimberly’s wedding his heart is filled with hope that he can win her over again.

“Yes, Nandipha wants to give it a chance,” Hlubi says of her character. “But she knows she has to guard her heart. Now they are slowly finding their way back to each other.”

THEIR scenes together are intense so it was vital that Hlubi and Sisa feel comfortable with each other.

“I got along with Sisa immediately,” the 32-year-old actress says after he cracks yet another joke. “Besides he’s also Xhosa, umkhaya.”

It’s been almost six months since Sisa joined the set of the SABC3 soap after winning a competition to get the part and he seems to have settled in. The Isidingo producers had held a talent search similar to Idols and Sisa was the man chosen as a new love interest for Nan.

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