Is Keke Phofoolo abusive ?

By Drum Digital
14 September 2011

He first made waves in the early 2000s as one of lead singers of the award winning gospel group Joyous Celebration and Keke Phofoolo’s personal career flourished from then on. His name was recognised locally and internationally but it was only a matter of time before negative publicity started following the Soweto born and bred star.

News  of him being a drug and alcohol addict made headlines and the leader of Shekinah Glory Worship Tabernacle openly confessed to his battle but told us that he had repented thanks to God and his then girlfriend Mpho. The couple married soon thereafter and not even the 10-year-age gap between them could stop them from starting a family while raising Keke’s two kids from a previous marriage. Mpho, who was 20 then, was excited about her new role as a mom despite the fact that Keke’s eldest son (Kganya) is only 10 years younger than her.

Last year, the couple announced that they were having their own child, a baby girl. It’s been just under a year since the couple were blessed with their daughter and it seems things are not going well any more. Apparently Mpho is leaving Keke because the bubbly 33-year-old muso and TV presenter is apparently short tempered and even hits the 23-year-old former Media Studies student. “I can’t discuss this now. Him beating me is not true but did you speak to Keke, my husband?,” she said. She could not deny or confirm that they are in the process of divorce.

We sure hope that these gorgeous lovebirds remain strong and come over whatever it is that is really happening.

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