Is Kelly Khumalo joining Mabala Noise?

By Drum Digital
26 January 2017

Mabala Noise spokesperson Mhlo Gumede told said that everything "will make sense soon"

Mabala Noise spokesperson Mhlo Gumede told said that everything "will make sense soon"

However Kelly herself shot down any and all rumours in her statement. "These rumours have been going around forever. Mabala Noise is family to me, I've been there since the start and they will always be family. So no, I'm not signing to Mabala Noise," she said.

Recently Gumede spoke to TshisaLive and said that both Kelly and a few other stars may or may not have been signed with the record label and that everything will make sense in due time. “In due time it will all make sense whether they are signed with Mabala Noise or not. We are not saying they are signed and we are not saying they are not signed, right now there no negotiations, they have either happened or are still going to happen," he said.

He said that their not confirming nor denying anything, rather people will have to wait for the allotted event and dated at the Metro FM Music Awards to find out the truth. "Take it like this, right now there’s a poster with Kelly and Mabala Noise logos, that’s all I can say. People must just wait for the 25th of February (Metro FM Music Awards) for a big announcement," he added.

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