Is Pitch Black back on track?

By Drum Digital
25 October 2013

Pitch Black Afro admits he's learnt some hard lessons - now he's ready for a comeback.

IT’S been four years since Thulani Ngcobo, AKA Pitch Black Afro (37), released an album and rumours have been flying that he’s broke and homeless. It wasn’t always this way. At first he was the darling of SA’s hip-hop scene – in 2004 he won the Metro FM Award for Best Hip-Hop Album for his debut album Split Endz. His future seemed bright. Then, when his third album, Zonke Bonke, didn’t meet expectations, his star began to fade. Eventuallyhe disappeared from the limelight.

We tracked down the man who’s known as much for his enormous hair as his music to find out what he’s been up to and whether the rumours are true.

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