Is pre-pooing necessary?

By Drum Digital
16 October 2014

The act of treating your hair before shampooing it. Is this necessary?

Every now and then a new craze hits hair care blogs and is deemed “ESSENTIAL” to great, healthy hair. Most people aren’t able to tell whether it’s just another phase or a meaningful finding in the science of hair. Pre-pooing is one such example – the act of treating your hair before shampooing it. Is this necessary?

There are two main differences in pre-pooing. Some people use oils while others conditioner. Find out more about each:

Pre-Pooing with Oils

The first popular pre-poo method is done with

Most ladies like to pre-poo with oil because it makes for easier detangling.

Coconut oil possesses the unique ability penetrate the hair -- moisturising, strengthening and minimising cuticle damage. Coconut oil should be added to the hair prior to shampooing to reap the most benefits.

Pre-Pooing with Conditioner

The idea here is that conditioning the hair prior to manipulating it results in softer, more pliable hair that is easier to detangle and is less likely to encounter breakage.

Conditioner adsorbs and works better after the hair has been shampooed. The conditioner pre-poo is great if you want to detangle, soften and prep your hair for cleansing. This does not mean there’s no need to deep condition after the actual wash either.

When all is said and done, pre-pooing is not an essential step for any hair care regimen. It's optional.

Always consider what works best for you and your hair.


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