Is your baby getting enough food?

By Drum Digital
10 April 2014

It is important to allow your baby to direct you.

Every mom worries about whether or not her baby is getting enough milk and food and often asks about the amount of sustenance their baby should be consuming.

Renowned paediatric dietician and Pampers® Institute expert, Claire McHugh recommends that you start off with one feed a day and gradually work your way up to three feeds after a few weeks.

“The baby will only be able to eat one or two teaspoons at a time at first, after the next few weeks you can then gradually increase the thickness and amount of food per feed.

It is important to allow your baby to direct you on the amount of food they eat – if she doesn’t want to eat, turns her head or shuts her mouth tight, don’t force her to eat it; try again at another time.

If she doesn’t seem to like a particular food at first keep offering it as it takes many exposures before a flavour may be accepted,” says McHugh.

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