It is a family affair for the Ranaka's

By Drum Digital
06 July 2012

She was at the receiving end of plenty of bad publicity last year, with the media falsely suggesting she’d been fired from her job on YFM and even that she was doing drugs. But today it’s immediately apparent what got Dineo Ranaka through that crisis: the constant love and support of her family.

“My mom and dad are everything to us because without them we wouldn’t be who we are,” Dineo (29) says when we meet her together with her sister Manaka (33) and mother Nonceba (53) at The Syrene Sandton Boutique Hotel, Joburg, where they waste no time in chatting up a storm.

We get a few curious looks from the other hotel patrons as the sisters talk loudly about how they used to rescue stray animals and give them to their kids and how much joy the family affair grandchildren bring Mam’ Nonceba.

One would swear they weren’t mother and daughters at all, but three close friends who’ve met here to relive old times.

“This is the way it goes every time we’re together,” Dineo says of the special bond that has helped her through difficult times in her life – including last year

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