It's good to be back

By Drum Digital
27 October 2011

It's early on a Saturday morning and Joburg is still sleepy, but the heart of Melrose Arch, the Fire & Ice Hotel, is already a hive of activity as guests come and go. Then Leleti Khumalo strolls in and everything comes to a standstill. 

Fans rush to greet her and call her Busi (from her character on Generations) or Sarafina (from her role in the musical and movie of the same name in the ’90s). The much-loved Leleti just smiles warmly.

She’s here today to tell us about her comeback and her role in the current season of Soul City which is once again taking the small screen by storm.

But she’s also here to open up about her difficult marriage to Mbongeni Ngema. First, though, she drinks a green tea and talks of her return to our living rooms.

“It really feels good to be back on TV,” she gushes as she takes off her sunglasses. Her excitement is written all over her face.

Looking dazzling in a floral dress and sandals, she talks about her new character’s obsession with appearances.

“Grace is an extravagant type of woman who doesn’t know where to draw the line. She lives beyond her means – so much so that sometimes she and her daughter go to bed on empty stomachs.”

A lot of people cry themselves to sleep behind closed doors like this, she says. “You’d be surprised how many people live like this. Every household either has a character like Grace or knows someone like her. I’m not here to judge, just to teach people about the consequences of living this kind of life.”

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