It's okay to let things go- Pearl Modiadie

By Drum Digital
19 April 2017

Pearl says her mom taught her life's most important lessons

Media personality Pearl Modiadie says she has taken her advice on whether to keep people in or out of her life from her late mother.

Speaking Bona magazine the star revealed that her mom didn't take nonsense from anyone and she has used that lesson throughout her life.

"My mom used to say, 'bekezela for what?' She didn't take any nonsense, and felt that nobody should stand for it either," Pearl tells the magazine.

Pearl explains that for her if people don't treat her the way she feels she deserves she can easily let them go.

"Whether it's toxic relationships, friendships or jobs, you shouldn't stay where you feel unwanted. This is one lesson I will pass on to my children," Pearl explains to the magazine.

Pearl says that she feels that as much as people shouldn't walk away from situations because their difficult, she says for her its about purpose; "When things no longer serve a purpose in your life, its okay to let them go," she adds.

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