It's time for me

By Drum Digital
29 September 2010

IT WAS the first time in more than 20 years that she didn’t have a job to go to and she was looking forward to kicking back, lavishing attention on her children, spoiling her husband and doing things she wanted to do.

But instead of relaxing and enjoying herself Connie became embroiled in a storm of gossip. Tabloids, Facebook and Twitter were abuzz with rumours that she and hubby Shona Ferguson – long regarded as one of the most stable celebrity relationships around – were on the brink of divorce.First there was talk of her having an affair with Generations co-star Buyile Mdladla after his estranged wife, Carol, opened a can of worms by telling DRUM he’d been involved with an actress in the hit soapie (It’s time for me to walk away, 19 August).

Then gossip started doing the rounds that another Generations co-star, Kagiso Rakosa, was pregnant and Shona was the father, even though Kagiso isn’t even expecting – it’s her character, Sharon, who’s having a baby.

“I don’t know if I opened myself up to this type of publicity because I’ve always been so open and honest but to be judged for something I hadn’t done was difficult to digest,” Connie tells us. And when people on social networking site Twitter began swearing and insulting her she could take it no longer.

“When you take on my family based on false assumptions, I get upset. I put up with the negative publicity until that point.”

She then fired off a Twitter update telling people how wonderful her man was and how everybody should just leave them alone. “Bagaetsho (my people) I am not going to respond individually to all the questions about my husband @Shona_Ferguson making @KagisoRakosa pregnant.

“I would however like 2 put on record that Sharon on Generations is pregnant, Kagiso the actress is not. @Shona_Ferguson does not know this poor girl, and I resent all the tweets that are coming through insulting my husband coz of a baseless rumour.”

She continued: “Why is it that people r so quick to pass judgement without facts? Is it really so hard to imagine 2 people being truly happy that u would want 2 mar it with malicious rumours that are so far-fetched?”

Her marriage to Shona – or Mr Sho, as she sometimes calls him – is rock solid, she says. And it’s easy to believe her when the Scandal! actor pops in to visit her during our shoot and dishes out hugs and kisses while she calls him “my darling” and “baby”.

“People have absolutely no clue what a good relationship we have,” she says. “We know the truth and so do our families, and that’s all that matters.”

Connie says she was “saddened” by some of the responses she received on Twitter. “One lady said I was in denial – that all men were dogs and I needed to accept it for what it is. I know lots of men who give men a bad name but not everyone is the same. I’ve been blessed with a good man who is affectionate and loving and we are stronger than ever because of all this.”

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