“I’ve been there for the kids since day one" - Athandwa Kani

By Drum Digital
04 January 2016

Paternity tests prove that Atandwa Kani is allegedly not the father to twin boys with his ex-wife, Tembisa Mdoda.

According to Sunday Sun, the drama between the pair started in early November when Tembisa took Athandwa to court for papgeld, with him wanting to take the children from her and that led to the paternity tests. The results showed that he could not be the kids' father.

“The results confirmed Atandwa’s fears that Tembisa had been cheating on him all along. But he never imagined someone else could have fathered the children he loved so much,” a source told the paper.

Athandwa confirmed the news to Sunday Sun. “I was dumbfounded. I can’t describe the feeling I had when the sad news was delivered to me,” he said.

Apart from investing a lot to the kids he has been there for them since they were born.

"All I wanted was to be the father of those kids. And I still struggle to accept the results. “I asked my family for advice. I met with my dad, mum and siblings to discuss it."

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