'I've learnt my lesson'

By Drum Digital
14 March 2014

Mitchelene Mokoena (19) claims Jocob Mnisi (48) wooed her into a scandalous one-night stand using Facebook.

Like millions of people across the globe Mitchelene spends her time on Facebook, where she’s prone to posting sexy images of her face as well as of her body.

Facebook is also the place where she meets the prying strangers, who don’t always have the purest intentions.

Mitchelene’s latest Facebook affair has turned sour and today she’s here to divulge the sordid encounter she had with Mshoza’s ex-husband, millionaire businessman Jacob Mnisi (48).

At this point Mitchelene says she still wasn’t aware that this was the same Jacob who had featured in the tabloids and on the cover of DRUM a number of times.

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