"I've never struggled with money" - Sonia Mbele

By Misha Solanga
27 July 2017

Sonia says those rumors didn't deter her

After actress Sonia Mbele got divorced to from her husband of eight years public perception was that she was struggling financially. In an interview with True Love magazine Mbele spoke about the incorrect perception held about her and women who've experienced a divorce.

“There’s a perception that after divorce, women lose out because they married for financial security. I’ve never struggled with money so that stereotype doesn’t affect me.”

The actress also mentioned what a blessing it has been to be working with the cast of iNumber Number

“I come from a different school of genuine talent, and so I’ve never worried about my comeback - although I’ve been blessed lately to work with great talents like Zola Nombona, Moliehi Makobane, Solomon Sebothoma and Sir Ray Sepotokele,” she added.

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