Jack is back!

By Hopewell Mpapu
14 August 2015

Will the return of soapie Villain Jack Mabaso, played by Vusi Kunene, save Generations: The Legacy?

The real-life intrigue surrounding Generations: The Legacy has become such a minefield of manipulations, complications, and conspiracies that fans must wonder if it has become a soapie about a soapie.

In the latest saga of the once-popular show, Generations boss Mfundi Vundla is elated that after all the bad blood between him and the actors he sacked last year, one of his former employees, Vusi Kunene, is at least willing to reprise his role.

Vusi will reportedly be back as love-to-hate villain Jack Mabaso.

However, the plot thickens when the actor in question claims to have no knowledge of Mfundi's statement that he will make a comeback on Generations.

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