Jacob's new bike 1/3

By Drum Digital
11 December 2013

He finally had his new bike, now he just had to find his dream woman.

Jacob thought how funny it was that certain memories liked to force their way to the front of his mind. He was on his way to A to Z Hardware and out of nowhere the Purple Lady had popped up again.

It was not that he didn't think about her often, because he did.

The memory’s edges were worn smooth now from rolling around in his mind for so long, held and stroked by his deepest dreams.

He wondered why today, on his way to collect his new sturdy, black bike the Purple Lady decided to push her way to the front.

It had been long ago when he saw her, when he was just a boy in short pants and bare feet. His uncle had sent him to the store at the bus terminus to buy tobacco.

It was a drab day; the long dry winter had squeezed all the colour out of the world.

Only browns and greys filled the village.

Even the bright red Coca-Cola sign at the store was dull, covered with dust thrown into the air by the big buses as they rushed people back and forth.

Jacob bought the tobacco but just as he turned to head back home something caught his eye. In the colourless landscape stood a bright vision. He stopped to take a closer look. In the distance stood a woman.

He had never seen such a beautiful woman in his life. She was dressed in a tie-dye two-piece in a deep, rich purple. The same material formed an elaborately tied scarf on her head, with the ends fashioned into the wings of a bird at the front.

She was tall, taller than anyone around her and bigger than average. Her neck, where a thick gold necklace hung, had lovely rolls that Jacob wished he could touch very lightly with the edge of his finger. Her skin was dark and smooth.

Everything on her face was round; her eyes, her little nose, her round mouth and the deep dimples in both of her cheeks.

Jacob couldn’t take his eyes off her. She was like a purple iris growing in the barren

Kgalagadi desert ? fresh and lovely.

??Get out of the road, you stupid boy!" the taxi driver shouted and Jacob jumped to the side with a fright. He hadn’t realised that he was standing in the middle of the road.

When he looked up again the Purple Woman was gone. Afterwards, he often wondered if she’d been there at all ? or if she'd simply got on the waiting bus and disappeared.

From that day Jacob knew what the image of female perfection was, and she had taken up permanent residence in his mind.

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