Jade Hubner, Miss SA 2014 finalist share her top hair tips 5/7

By Drum Digital
28 February 2014

Miss SA 2014 finalist give us her hair tips.

For many women beautiful hair and luxuriant locks are an essential part of their identity. Women all over the world take pride in their hair. Jade Hubner, Miss SA 2014 finalist share her top hair tips:

Q: How do you keep your hair in good condition?

I’ve been trying to avoid straightening my hair and to blow dry it as much as possible. If I have to blow dry it, I always do it with a nozzle on the end, a hair protector spray and with a medium to cool temperature, so that it doesn’t fry my hair. Also, sleeping with conditioner in and then with a shower cap on your head so that it doesn’t wet your pillow, gives it a nice treatment.

Q: What is the best hair tip you have ever received?

Sleeping with a shower cap when doing hair treatments is a definite must. It’s brilliant.

Q: How do you like to wear your hair?

Always down and straight, I just find it the easiest, neatest and most controllable style. It doesn’t have to be dead straight. I like some volume and maybe a slight wave.

Q: What are the few versatile looks you can do with your hair?

I quite like, down and straight, down with a bit of wave, hair sprayed back into a high pony and a side low pony tail, hanging over your shoulder.

Q: What has been your worst “bad hair day?

Whenever it rains and my hair goes so frizzy and looks so messy! It looks like a birds nest after there has been a fight in it. Also, whenever I rough blow dry my hair I look like I’ve been electrocuted. So I don’t have “A” worst bad hair day but I have many.

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