Jam Doughnuts 3/3

By Drum Digital
02 January 2014

Jam doughnuts save the day.

The boys were right on time. ??Put your hands up!'' the tall boy shouted, pointing the gun at the old man.

??Siphiwe, what's happening?'' asked Bab' uMsomi. He was confused.

Siphiwe was speechless.

??The safe, come on! Don't waste my time old man, where's the safe? Open the safe! Do it now!'' said the boy, still shouting and pointing his gun at Mr Msomi's face.

The old man hurriedly did as he was told while begging for his life.

Two boys loaded the money into bags while the others helped themselves to whatever they wanted in the shop. All this happened so fast and the whole time Siphiwe was frozen with fear.

??Time's up! Let's go! Let's go,'' the boss shouted.

??What about the old man?'' someone asked.

??Waste him. He has seen us, he can identify us, just waste him,'' the boss commanded.

??No!'' cried Siphiwe and threw himself at the shooter. The last thing he heard was a deafening bang and a burning sensation on his left cheek.

Then a voice was calling him from far away: ??Siphiwe, Siphiwe . . .''

He had a terrible headache. His head was on a pillow. He opened his eyes and looked around a strange room and saw the smiling faces of his mother and sister. Mr Msomi was there too. The boy tried to speak but the old man stopped him.

??Shh, don't try to speak. You were shot but the bullet just scraped your skull. You have stitches in your head but look at you, you're going to be just fine!'' Bab' uMsomi said. ??I've been telling your mother how brave you were. You came just as those thieves were robbing my shop. You made them drop the money and run!

Siphiwe, you saved my life.''

??B . . . but . . .'' the boy stuttered.

??Shh. Rest now and when you wake up you can eat. I brought six jam doughnuts, just for you!''

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