Jerry Mofokeng's 'Acceptance'

By Drum Digital
22 September 2016

Legendary actor Jerry Mofokeng will be back on stage in a production titled Acceptance

Jerry plays the lead role of the judge that presided over the case of Tania Clarence, a South African woman living in the United Kingdom, who was detained under a hospital order for killing her three children.

In the play, the well-known judge, who accepted a plea of manslaughter from the mother, is visited by the slain children who want to tell their side of the story. "we created a world where these kids come back healthier 10 years later to tell their side of the story," Jerry says.

"They confront the judge and ask to consider their perspective. I start by putting on a mask cause it's safer to hind behind it. My decisions about the case are based on facts not emotions."

The children are played by Lisa Derryn Overy, Lea Vivier and Francois Viljoen.

"I have seen images of parents who've chained their children and locked them inside their homes because they are embarrassed," says Jerry.

"This show forces us to talk about it, think about it and heal through it. I hope it will help us think differently about disabilities."

Acceptance premiers at the Joburg Theater on 5 October and runs until the 16 October.

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