Jessica Nkosi on the best decision her mother made

By Drum Digital
15 April 2017

Jessica says she learned a lot from her father and had a great time with him growing up.

Isibaya actress Jessica Nkosi says one of the best decisions she will always be grateful to her mother for making was allowing her to go and live with her father.

"After my mother and father broke up he came to my mother and asked to live with me, my mother said yes and I went to stay with my father for my primary until standard 11. That was the best decision my mother ever made in my interest," Jessica said on SABC 1 show Zaziwa.

"He was an amazing father. My dad and I were so close and I loved our time together" she added.

Jessica's father died when she was in standard 11 and she says the time they spent made it easier for her to accept his death when it came.

"I don't feel cheated or that I didn't spend enough time with my father, we were always together and very close and I guess the reason it was like that is because he was meant to leave us early in life."

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