‘Jesus was married . . . and had a son’

By Drum Digital
07 April 2015

An Israeli geologist claims he has “confirmed” the existence and authenticity of a tomb belonging to Jesus and his son in Jerusalem.

After extensive chemical tests, Dr Aryeh Shimron says he has linked the James Ossuary – a first-century chalk box that some believe hold the bones of Jesus' brother – to the long disputed “Jesus Family tomb” in the Israeli city of East Talpiot’s neighbourhood, the Jerusalem Post has reported.

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The research could have enormous ramifications as it suggests that Jesus was married, fathered a child and that a physical resurrection did not take place. According to the discovery by Dr Shimron, the “son of God” was buried with nine other people, including Judah, son of Jesus, and his wife Mary.

Dr Shimron’s work has renewed controversy over the Talpiot Tomb, which was discovered in 1980 and dates back to the Second Temple period and the time of Jesus.

Source: jpost.com

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