Jewellery made from breast milk is all the rage

By Drum Digital
06 August 2015

The newest trend in baby memento’s is jewellery which features designs made from human breast milk.

A jewellery trend as controversial as breast feeding?

Locks of hair, teeth or old baby jumpers are so last year – the newest trend in baby memento’s is slightly more personal. A growing number of women are opting for breast milk jewelry as a token of their little ones infancy. The trend has been met with polarized reactions (much like breast feeding) with some in uproar and others clamoring to get their orders in. 

According to Vickie Krevatin, owner of a prominent breast milk jewellery company, Mom's Own Milk, “I know what I do is offensive to some people, who tell me it's disgusting. However, I am getting more orders than ever.” While an American retailer of the product, Allicia Mogavero, has found herself in trouble with the law after she was taken to court by many women who felt that they were waiting too long for their pendants to be ready. 

Alicia, who owns MommyMilk creations, claimed that the process of turning the milk into jewelry is time consuming and her many customers has been made aware of the long turnaround times. American online retailer Etsy used to stock the product but very recently removed it from the website on the grounds that it qualifies as human remains.

The manufacturing process for the controversial jewellery can be quite complicated. According to British Dietetic Association spokeswoman Anna Daniels, “The only way to make jewellery from any type of milk would be to separate the casein [the main protein in milk] from the rest of the liquid, which can be done by mixing the milk with an acidic substance, such as vinegar or lemon, which causes the proteins to come out and solidify into a stone-like structure as they dry.”

The milk is then placed into a mould and set in plastic resin to create the elaborate designs in the pendants. Many women who have bought the jewelry complained that it went brown with a year – the discoloration could be caused by light exposure or the enzymes found it breast milk. Despite the backlash, moms looking to celebrate their lactation are loving their meaningful accessories. According to Moms Own Milk customer, Michelle Boyd, “Breast milk is the best bond I have with my son - I wanted something to mark its significance in our lives.” SOURCES:, Compiled by Lindsay De Freitas

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